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Information about getting your medical records

UHI medical records are now at Spectrum Healthcare.

If you are seeing Dr. Sewell or seeing one of the other providers at Spectrums' two locations, you don't need to do anything.

If you are seeing one of the other doctors, you will need to have your records transferred to their location:

Quick Form for Carpenter records
detailed medical record request for
release of record form for jones,
                      martin,daniels, sweeney
If you want your entire medical record sent from Spectrum Healthcare to Eileen K. Carpenter, MD at her new office at Spruce Internal Medicine, click this button.
If you do not want Dr. Carpenter to receive your entire chart, or if your records are coming from another doctor, click this button.
If you want to have your medical records transferred from Spectrum Healthcare (or from another doctor) to Noble Jones, MD, Linda Martin, MD, or Maurice Daniels, MD, click this button